Utility & Bill Payment

If you are not in Crete all year round, you may wish to arrange standing orders for your utility bills, however, you may find it easier (And more reliable!) for us at RHM to take receipt of your Utility Bills to ensure they are paid on time. The consequences of non-payment can be quite severe; for example, if you should be so unfortunate as to be cut off by DEH (The electricity company) it can take up to 3 months to be reconnected.Should you wish to opt for this provision we can supply you with a PO box address for delivery of your bills. Once a bill arrives, we will email you the details and a photo of the bill for you to transfer the payment to one of our accounts.The most common bills requested for payment by our clients are shown below but the list is not exhaustive.

  • DEH (Electric)Water Board
  • Agricultural Water
  • Insurance Services
  • Cosmote/Wind/Vodafone
  • OTE

We do add a small administration charge of €10.00 per bill paid.