Swimming Pool Maintenance

RHM offers you a full maintenance contract for all major forms of swimming pool; Fully Tiled, Liner Type and Concrete Painted. Various filtration systems and cleaning functions are built in to the pools and the maintenance schedule will ensure that these are maximized. This includes a schedule of visits to check and adjust chemical levels as appropriate, as well as full cleaning and maintenance of the pool itself, machinery and pool equipment.

RHM recommends twice weekly visits during the summer, however, visits are only likely to be needed weekly during the winter months. Some forms of pool are able to be emptied during the winter rather than having to pay for chemicals, labour and electric. The downside to emptying, apart from helping to prevent damage in the event of minor seismic activity,is the metered cost of water to refill, re-start and clean charges, replacement of seized and corroded parts, possible damage to tiles and grouting. We will of course advise you on these options should you wish.

  1. Check and adjust water level, PH and chlorine
  2. Back wash filter and empty primary filter
  3. Hoover base and skim surface
  4. Check overall condition of pump, sump, filters and ball-cocks (where fitted)
  5. Wash around edges to prevent limescale build up

The cost of swimming pool maintenance is an annual fee starts from €1170.00 inclusive of VAT, which equates to a cost per visit of just €15.00, this will preferably be paid by monthly instalments of €97.50, this fee includes 2 visits per week during summer, 1 visit per week during winter; the price excludes the cost of buying pool chemicals and cleaners, which we cap at a maximum of €200.00 per annum