EOT Rental Services

Many of our offerings can be applied to rental properties including airport transfers, cleaning and welcome packs. In addition we also offer the following;

  1. Meet and greet. On arrival at the property your client will be shown around the property and complete an inventory check, meters will be read, keys issued and our contact details given for emergencies. Cost is €10.00 per hour.
  2. Laundry. Where clients provide their own linen we can take away, launder and return linen, towels, bathmats etc for a fee of €10.00 per person.
  3. Emergency call out. Should your client require assistance in case of emergency we are on call 24/7 to provide this. Call outs for property problems will be charged to the property owner accordingly. We provide an information sheet, appropriate to the area, for emergency services at each property. Cost for this service is dependent on the nature and time of day of the emergency!
  4. Check out. Again an inventory and meter check can be carried out before clients leave, we then re-secure the property and take back any keys that have been issued. Cost is €10.00 per hour

We can of course provide assistance should you wish to rent out your property in the future which may or may not require an EOT license. We can advise in these matters to ensure your Greek legal requirements are understood