10. Cleaning and preparation services

RHM can offer you a full cleaning and preparation service, to ensure your property is in the perfect condition to receive visitors and guests.

Clients can choose from a comprehensive package of cleaning and preparation options, including – but not limited too …

Deep clean from €45.00:

A deep clean consists of sweeping and mopping all floors, including outside terraces, patios, balconies and windows. A full dust and polish of all surfaces, cleaning of kitchens (including cooker and fridge) and cleaning all bathrooms and sanitary ware.

Freshen-up/ Mid-Clean from €25.00:

A “freshen – up” clean if the property has been unoccupied for a period of time, or an intermediate clean during your stay consists of sweeping and spot mopping of all internal floors, dusting and polishing, a surface clean of bathrooms and sanitary ware, and a surface clean of the kitchen, excluding appliances

Preparatory start-up from €20.00 per visit:

A preparatory start up visit involves a check on the condition of your property, switching on appropriate appliances e.g. central heating or air conditioning, fridge etc, opening shutters (for daytime arrivals), or leaving some lights on (for night time arrivals) as well as a general airing of the property and setting up external furniture.

Laundry service - priced per item:

RHM can provide a laundry service to include towels and bed linen, dry cleaning or client items for washing and ironing. Clients wishing to use the laundry service are asked to provide two sets of bedding and two sets of towels, three sets of each if an intermediate clean is required. Linen rental is also available on request. See Page 5 EOT services

Prices vary depending on the size of the property; as a guide:

Deep Clean Mid Clean Start Up
1 or 2 bedroom €45.00 €25.00 €20.00
3 bedroom €50.00 €30.00 €25.00
4 or more bedrooms Prices on application

RHM and clients can agree on the most suitable cleaning service for their needs, this may vary throughout the year.

Clients may wish to combine cleaning and preparation services with other areas e.g. window cleaning, welcome packs and airport transfers. Discounts are offered in this instance.